How to measure the watch strap size?

How to measure the wact strap size

How do you know the strap size for your watch ?!

That’s easy, find the answer below!


How to measure the wact strap size
How to measure the watch strap size?


What measurements are needed to make a watch strap?

To make a watch strap we need the following measurements:

1.Size strap at the lugs (Main measurement)

The size of the strap is a measure of the width of the lugs.

For example, if the width of the lugs is 20 mm, then your strap has a size of 20 mm

2. Size for the taper of the strap

If you want to reuse your original buckle then you need to know its measurement. For the taper to be inserted into the buckle easily, the size of the taper must be the size of the buckle. So you only need to measure the width of the buckle to know the size for the taper

3. The length of the strap

The length of the strap is the length of the short part and the length of the long part.

If you want to use deployment keys and claps, this measure is quite necessary.

What if you don’t know the length of the strap?

Then let measure your wrist. Just tell the Strapmaker know the size of your wrist, they can automatically adjust the length of your strap.

How to measurement wrist size?


Now we have enough parameters to make a watch strap, shopping now!


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