Waterproof Kangaroo Leather Watch Strap

Kangaroo leather is a strong lightweight leather and waterproof. Its structure consists of highly organized main fiber bundles, which have a secondary supporting mesh. Combined with a low angle of weave, low-fat content, and a very thin grain layer this provides superior strength against leathers from other raw material types at similar thicknesses.

Waterproof Kangaroo Leather
Neon Green Kangaroo Leather
Waterproof Leather Watch Strap
Orange Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather is lighter and stronger than the hide of a cow or goat. It has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50% stronger than goatskin.

Water Resistance Leather Watch Strap
Red Kangaroo Leather

We use kangaroo leather to make the watch straps because its good waterproof properties can be applied when you want to wear your watch swimming, or diving without damaging the strap.

Waterproof Leather Watch Strap
Kangaroo is also a soft leather so make sure it feels comfortable on your wrist

In addition, the durability of kangaroo skin can be used to make wallets

If you are looking for a waterproof watch band, then Kangaroo leather is the best option in the price range that is not too expensive. Or if you want to own a durable wallet, don’t hesitate to connect with us

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