Horween Chromexcel

Chromexcel is one of the unique leather with the most stable quality of America’s most famous leather company – Horween Leather Co

Horween Leather Co
Horween is a hereditary company since 1905. As of 2017, there have been 5 Horween generations, they still preserve the integrity of Horween throughout Must bring the best quality to customers.

What is Chromexcel?

There are two common forms of tanning leather: 
1. Chrome tanning is a method of using the chemical chromium sulfates, acids and salts. Therefore it only takes 1 day to finish chrome tanning. The advantage of this method is the evenness, waterproof but it also has disadvantages as the skin will carry a chemical smell, look like synthetic leather and not durable.
2. Vegetable tanning is an old method, completely natural by using much different bark such as pine, birch, mimosa, mangroves … and takes 60 days to complete. This method produces beautiful and deep skin colors, great patina effects over time, however, it is very absorbent.

Chromexcel is a type of Pull up leather – using a special method of special formula, a combination of the two methods above. Horween has studied to combine and correct the advantages, by heating with oils/waxes/greases through 89 separate processes and most of the processes are done manually. It took 28 days to complete and they used all 5 floors of the Horween factory.

Not like other leather types, Chromexcel is air-dried, enabling the skin to shrink, more supple, tighter skin. Many other tanneries are afraid that the leather will shrink and reduce profitability (Because the price will be based on 1 square foot), so they choose to dry by fixing it and large glass panels, ceramic plates or vacuum drying.
As a result, Horween had beautiful and durable Chromexcel leather panels. It has become a versatile leather that can be applied to leather shoes, boots, leather jackets, belts, wallets, and watch straps.
It is not surprising to say that Chromexcel’s unique quality is the perfect choice of many famous fashion brands around the world such as Alden, Allen, Edmonds, Wolverine. This made both the popularity of Chromexcel and the name of Horween to this day.
Chromexcel is only manufactured by Horween Leather Co. Since 1911 many tanks in WW2 have used Chromexcel skins to cushion in engines. Until now the balls of football, rugby, basketball, baseball gloves … all use the skin of Horween.
Chromexcel is also a favorite of 7Strap. We apply its durability to our products, especially the watch straps.
Chromexcel strap will provide absolute durability and very good waterproof, this will help you comfortable operation without fear of hand sweat. The color of the leather will become more beautiful with time.
Some colors of Horween Chromexcel leather that 7Strap are available
Horween Chromexcel

Contact us to get a watch strap or wallet from this super-durable and reputable leather kind.

You can also design your own Horween Chromexcel leather strap HERE

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