Epsom Leather Watch Strap

Epsom leather comes from the male calfskin and is lightweight. Unlike most other leathers, the leather is embossed, which simply means that the pattern pressed into the leather is not the actual grain. This quality gives bags made from Epsom leather a laminated appearance and a rigid structure – a popular choice for making bags and small leather goods. In the case of watch straps made out of Epsom leather, the leather will require a bit of time to take on the shape of its owner’s wrist, but eventually, it will hold that shape very well.

Genuine Epsom Leather Watch Strap
Orange Epsom Leather Watch Strap
Genuine Epsom Leather Watch Strap
Black Epsom Leather Watch Strap

If you want a strap that has a beautiful texture, good scratch, and water resistance and remains to look pristine even after much wear, Epsom is the right choice. Epsom from Tanneries Haas.in France is well-known for its quality, wide range of colors, and perfect rigidity.

We have a wide range of Epsom leather colors available at the moment so contact us now if you are interested in any color.


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