How did 7Strap make a watch strap ?!

Shark leather watch strap for clasp buckle
First of all, we want to voice our opinion when making a watch strap. We always put the quality of the product as well as the most comfort on the customer’s wrist is the most important.
We always stick to those two criteria to make products.
To make a good quality strap, the leather material to make the product is the most important. We always go with genuine leather. The skin is firm and supple to made the products. Additional materials used must also have high quality such as linen thread, paint used to paint edges is high-end from Italy.
Royal blue shark
Royal blue genuine shark leather
For comfort, leather lining is very important. We choose Zermatt leather of HAAS, a specialized leather for lining leather. It is also trusted by Apple watch to choose for their Apple watch strap product. Zermatt leather is very soft, water resistant so it can beat sweat. Its softness and toughness will help the strap to flexibly follow the user’s wrist and provide absolute comfort.
Zermatt leather of HAAS
Zermatt leather of HAAS
Zermatt leather of HAAS
Zermatt leather of HAAS

Okay! Now we will start making the strap

As a first step,

we need to determine the size of the strap and then measure and cut the leather to the size are aiming for.

How to make a watch strap
How to make a watch strap?

Do the same with the leather lining

We use Mex-made from leather powder, to reinforce the first part of the strap, this dimension to make the shape of the strap more beautiful and increase the lifetime of the strap.

Steps to make a watch strap
Steps to make a watch strap

The second step:

Thinly bevel the skin to thin the junction when folding. Do the same with the main leather and the lining leather,


The third step
Glue and Fold the main leather has been thin.

Attach the padding (if any), important and stick it exactly in the middle of the strap. Then apply Mex and leather in turn and the main leather

Step four
Accurately cut the shape of the strap to the correct size. And trim the taper of the strap
Trimming shape of watch strap
Trimming the taper of the strap


The fifth step:

Punch holes for sewing and stitched

Step six
Painted edge. This will probably be repeated 2-3 times. Then the finishing made them very smooth

Step seven
The perfect keeper. But because I was making a strap to use a clasp, I skipped this step.

Finally we have completed a shark leatherstrap

Hope this article will help you better understand our work.

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